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“All the lights in the sky are stars… stars where peoples and adventures await. Whether it’s impossible or laughable, great men open up paths of battle. If there’s a wall, we break it down. If there’s no path, we make one ourselves. Your iron resolve and that of the batshit crazy people that surround you make you an unstoppable spear, an impenetrable shield. The magma of your soul burns with a mighty flame, carrying your message to the universe that dares stand in your way: ‘You don’t tell me to f*ck.’”

So. Perhaps it’s about time I make this a useful page for us, eh? Beginning work on overhauling it, including adding a rundown of the campaign up to this point, and filling out the wiki with important npcs we’ve met.


2017-05-29: Once again, start thinking about Paragon Paths if you haven’t decided on one already, which will make filling out your next level up much easier. Also, as a reward for finishing our most recent adventure off with the Thriller – complete with dancing corpses – everyone gets the ‘Skill Training: Impossible’ feat.

What’s New on this Page

2017-06-01: Added pages on everyone’s bound items. Starting next update news items more than a month old will be moved to the ‘Old News’ page below.
2017-05-29: Updated houserules page; most importantly, I wrote down the rules for the Impossible skill along with including examples of how it may be used. In addition, I added descriptions of the feats associated with the Impossible skill. Finally, I updated the house rule designed to keep anyone from falling far behind in level (don’t concern yourselves too much with that since nobody’s fallen behind even one level yet).
2017-05-25: Added a summary of the meet from May 20th.
2017-05-20: Added NPC descriptions for King Nerath, Princess Filia, and Ana.
2017-05-13: Added an explanation of the Blood War.
2017-05-11: Added NPC description for Samantha, as well as the myth regarding the origin of the Pact Primeval
2017-05-09: Added NPC descriptions for Utreus and Torgo.
2017-05-03: Added a summary of the meet from April 22nd.

Old News!

Before we begin play it’s probably best to peruse this Guide to Character Creation. It is written to help you develop your character concept, as well as to list what material is allowed, what numbers you have available to assign for stats. It is no substitute for the physical books (which will be present when we play), nor will it build you a completely playable character (I have no intention of reprinting every feat and power available at first level, that would hold of play nearly indefinitely as I tried to get the work done). But it will inform you of your main options – race and class – while also filling you in on some of the details of campaign worlds you may not be familiar with.

It would also be a good idea to take a look at the page on house rules – don’t worry, they’ll be kept minimal. As of now, there are a total of 2 house rules.

Here is what will be a guide to the way 4th edition rules work, based on the assumption that you know 3rd edition rules.
1. Basic Concepts
2. Skills in 4th Edition
3. Combat
4. Healing

The Lights in the Sky are Stars

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