Al's Mace

You left your former life behind when you found this mace adorned with the holy symbol of Sune. After learning her doctrine, you dedicated yourself entirely to sharing the good news.

Stage One
Pilfered Mace
Much like any other mace, this weapon consists of a metal head at the end of a sturdy shaft. The holy symbol of Sune is etched into the business end of this weapon.

Holy Symbol: This mace is also considered a holy symbol, and so you may add its bonus to powers with the ‘Implement’ keyword.
Magic Weapon: At level 1, this weapon grants a +1 enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls. Every 5th level thereafter (6th, 11th, etc.) the bonus increases by 1. On critical hits, this weapon adds a number of d6 damage equal to its enhancement bonus.
Sexy Beast: Your Charisma increases by one-fifth your level, rounded down.
Sex Change: Any creature touching this weapon may change their gender at will. Further, a secondary attack is added to all attack powers delivered by this weapon.

Secondary Attack
Target: All creatures struck by the triggering attack.
Attack: Charisma vs. Will
Hit: Target switches gender. Genderless creatures gain a gender.

Next Stage Preview
Gain the ability to discern people’s secret kinks.

Al's Mace

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