Coal's Chains

The enormous resentment left by your years of servitude to the dragons is personified in the chains that still dangle from your wrists. These chains that once bound you, will now channel your rage and bind the souls of the dragons you vanquish.

Stage One
Broken Shackles
A pair of cast-iron shackles are clasped around your wrists. The chains that bound you have long since been broken, however, as only three links of each chain dangle loosely from the cuffs.

Foe Binding: Gain a bonus to Grab checks equal to half your level, rounded down.
Mood Swing: Once per encounter, you may change your current elemental manifestation as a minor action.
Soul Manifestation: Your presence at the slaying of a dragon causes you to absorb its soul, grating you a new Genasi manifestation as if you had taken the Extra Manifestation feat. The manifestation is based on the type of dragon you slay, as shown by the table on the appropriate handout. If the dragon grants you a manifestation that you had previously spent a level-up feat to acquire, you may reallocate the feat.

Next Stage Preview
Gain breath weapons from the adult or older dragons you slay.

Coal's Chains

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