Moss' Staff

Long ago, as you lay in a charnel pit, you had a vision that led you to becoming a druid, featuring this staff. Given your wooden components, you like to think of it as your father.

Stage One
Nature’s Defender
This staff is composed of a series of tree branches woven together to form a more or less solid stick five and a half feet long.

Implement: In addition to basic attacks, you may add the staff’s bonus to all powers with the Implement keyword.
Magic Weapon: At level 1, this weapon grants a +1 enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls. Every 5th level thereafter (6th, 11th, etc.) the bonus is increased by 1. On critical hits, this weapon adds a number of d6 equal to its enhancement bonus.
Do Little: You are able to speak to and understand all creatures labeled as natural beasts and fey beasts.

Next Stage Preview
Amongst other improvements, gain the ability to call rocks as your friends.

Moss' Staff

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