Silk's Skull

You are accompanied by a talking skull you found so long ago you’ve forgotten how, the rapport you have cultivated has aided you immensely as the skull has proven knowledgeable in a variety of subjects and languages. You call it Bob.

Stage One
Brazen Head
This object appears to be a human skull cast from tin. It appears that it used to have gemstones in the eye sockets and teeth, but those have long since been pried away.

Power of Speech: It is able to speak independently, and has a distinct personality, functioning much like an NPC.
Polygot: At every even numbered level, choose one language to learn from the following list: Abyssal, Chondathan, Common, Damaran, Deep Speech, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Goblin, Netherese, Primordial, Shou, Supernal, Thayan, Thri-Kreen, Tuigan, Untheric.

Next Stage Preview
Bob will be able to move under his own power.

Silk's Skull

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