A Guide to Character Creation for this Campaign

Every DM has rules on what they will and will not allow, and how they want those things implemented. For this campaign, all material in the following 4th edition D&D books are allowed:
Player’s Handbook 1, 2, and 3
blank Power (i.e., Martial Power, Divine Power, etc.)
Player’s Handbook Races: Tieflings/Dragonborn
Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide
Eberron Player’s Guide
Dark Sun Campaign Setting

Out of Dragon Magazine Annual, I’m allowing these two chapters to be used in character creation: Wish Upon a Star (which has options for star pact warlocks) and Playing Shadar-Kai (which has the Shadar-Kai race).

While material from other 4th edition books will be allowed eventually, none of it is relevant to character creation, as very little of it can be used earlier than level 20. In 4th edition, they did a very good job of segregating player oriented books and DM oriented books.

Where the errata shows a difference from what one of the books says, the errata takes precedence. Here is a link to all of the errata. Basically, the tiers of authority for published material goes Books < Errata < This Wiki.

Here is information about many of the choices you’ll be making as you create your character. The first portion is geared towards developing your character’s concept – I’d recommend giving each page at least a look over, since not every concept is the same as you remember (for example, elves and gnomes are now considered fey). The second portion is geared towards the parts that you put on your character sheet – stats, defenses, skills, etc.

This will not replace sitting down with the physical books and building your character – for instance, I have no intention of reprinting every feat available at first level – the first and foremost purpose of this guide is to help you get your character concept prepared. This should get you well on your way towards having a character prepared, however.

Step 1: Select a Native Campaign Setting
Step 2: Select a Race
Step 3: Select a Class
Step 4: Create a Back Story

Now that you have your concept ready, it’s time to begin working out your character’s stats. Here is a link to a character sheet you can print and fill out; otherwise, I’ll provide a few blank ones.

Step 5: Determine your ability scores
Step 6: Determine your skill modifiers

A Guide to Character Creation for this Campaign

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