Bound Items

Each character has an item related to their backstory that levels up along with them and provides benefits unlike any other items in the game. These items each have four stages, attained at levels 1, 11, 21, and 30. Each time they reach a new stage, they retain all of the powers and benefits of all its previous stages in addition to gaining those of the new stage.

Ike – Moss
The warforged carries a staff that he purports as his father.

Jim – Roland
This desert dweller has a pair of sunglasses that once aided him in crossing the desert.

Paul – Alanon
This is the mace, bearing Sune’s holy symbol, that initially got the shifter interested in his religion.

Rhett – Silk
Somewhere, the changeling picked up a talking skull.

Spencer – Coal
Formerly a slave of dragons, the chains that once bound this genasi remain attached to his wrists.

Bound Items

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