House Rules

Here is where I will detail established and proposed house rules. The detail will begin by describing the way a particular rule functions according to the books, then describing the new rule that replaces the old one, and then providing an explanation for why the rule is changed.

Established House Rules:
1. Human Stat Modifiers
Default rule: Humans gain +2 to one stat of their choice.
House rule: Humans gain +2 to one stat of their choice, and +1 to all other stats.
Explanation: Around the time Player’s Handbook 3 came out, Wizards started publishing races who received +2 to one set attribute, and then a choice between two attributes for another +2. Later errata added this for all of their previously published races, except humans. When every race gets to choose which stat they put one of their bonuses into, the human’s +2 to one stat of choice becomes somewhat underwhelming. +2 to two stats of their choice is clearly overpowered however. Ruling this way combines the bonus humans get in 4th edition and in 5th edition, without being too overpowered – +1 to a stat does not always provide a benefit. In fact, at first level it only truly benefits 2 stats – the ones where the 11 and 13 are assigned.

2. Falling Behind in Experience Points
Default Rule: Your experience total is what it is and that’s that unless you earn more.
House rule: Keep track of your experience as normal; however, there are two situations where you may take enough free xp to advance yourself to the beginning of the next level. First is if one character gains enough XP to put them three levels higher than any other character; then, the lower level character gains enough XP to put them at their next level. The second is if 3 characters all reach a particular level or higher, which is two levels higher than another character, the character gains XP to put them at the next level.
Example 1: Alanon reaches level 15. Meanwhile, Silk is only level 12 and still has a way to go before leveling. Silk would receive enough XP to reach level 13, keeping the lowest level character 2 or fewer levels behind the highest level character.
Example 2: Moss, Coal, and Silk have all reached level 17. Roland is still level 15. Roland would gain enough XP to reach level 16, keeping the lowest leveled character one level at most behind the party’s average.
Explanation: This way nobody will fall too terribly far behind, as the game becomes more difficult to play if everyone in the party is a different level. This keeps even characters that lag behind only slightly below the party average, and prevents anyone from shooting ahead so far that no one can catch up.

3. Impossible Skill
A new skill all player characters have access to that is unique in its function.
Here is the skill description.
Here are new feats related to the skill; please note that these feats may not be taken at level up, and rather, are given as adventure rewards.

House Rules

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