King Nerath

kingnerath.png Phillip Nerath is the king of the city-state of Nerath and is a widower with two daughters, the older of which ran away several years go. He used to be an adventurer like yourselves, then he took… I mean, back when he was the Prince of Nerath he used to go adventuring with his wife and several friends, but when his father passed away unexpectedly he returned to answer the call of his country.

His strong belief in justice and in aiding the oppressed has, during his reign, led to multiple assassination attempts against him from many directions; from relatives who have wanted to usurp the throne, from city nobles who felt that they might be able to get away with more with a more lenient king, and from enemies made during his former days of adventuring. Approximately eleven years ago, one of these assassination attempts managed to take the life of his Queen, Sara. The guards attempted to track down the assassin, but the trail went cold even before the Queen’s funeral. Shortly after the funeral, Nerath’s older daughter, 14 at the time, took her mother’s old adventuring gear and ran away from home. She hasn’t been seen in the city since, though she does occasionally send correspondence to let her father know how she’s doing.

It was during one of these assassination attempts that the party arrived in Nerath; there, they encountered the King who asked them to attempt to root out the source of the plot, and to keep his family safe in the process. The root turned out to be King Nerath’s nephew, hoping to get himself into the direct line of succession.

Though he claims to be a pacifist, when faced with injustice or the oppression of the defenseless King Nerath will not hesitate to fight. Class-wise, he is a competent warlord; though rather than hang back, he prefers to wade into the fray. He prefers to fight unarmed, not with the finesse of a monk but rather with the brute force of a brawler.

King Nerath

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