Paragon Paths

Paragon Paths are a path of character development that every character begins at 11th level. They bear some resemblance to third edition’s prestige classes in that they represent choosing an area of specialization; however, unlike prestige classes, you continue to level up in your base class as you progress in your paragon path; in fact, you only gain new abilities from your paragon path every couple levels. Furthermore, while prestige classes typically had convoluted entry requirements, paragon paths rarely have requirements more stringent than being a particular race or class.

Each of you qualifies for all the paragon paths listed under your name; I’ll add thorough descriptions of each class as I find the time. There are enough, however, that I likely won’t get through all of them, especially since I’m working on updating the rest of this campaign portal. As such, if there’s a concept you are particularly interested in, let me know, and I’ll make it a higher priority to get that page done than the others.

Ike – Moss

Blood Moon Stalker (Player’s Handbook 2, pg. 96) – A paragon path built around the wild-shape power.
Coiled Serpent (Primal Power, pg. 53) – Become more snakelike.
Guardian of the Living Gate (Player’s Handbook 2, pg. 97) – Focuses on protecting the world from unnatural creatures, particularly aberrations.
Keeper of the Hidden Flame (Player’s Handbook 2, pg. 98) – The loose idea is that you are a controlled predator, which is a vital part of the natural world.
Pack Lord (Primal Power, pg. 55) – Fight more effectively alongside your summoned creatures.
Primal Summoner (Primal Power, pg. 56) – Improve your ability to control your summoned creatures.
Sky Hunter (Player’s Handbook 2, pg. 99) – Become an eagle.
Spiral Wind’s Ally (Primal Power, pg. 57) – Gain some ability as a healer.
Storm Speaker (Primal Power, pg. 58) – Call down storms on your enemies.
Warforged Juggernaut (Eberron Player’s Guide, pg. 66) – Bring out your inner warrior.

Jim – Roland

Adroit Explorer (Player’s Handbook 2, pg. 18) – A human who won’t let anything stand in their way to greatness.
Anarchic Adept (Psionic Power, pg. 22) – Make your powers more chaotic, granting them a degree of unpredictability.
Argent Soul (Player’s Handbook 3, pg. 38) – The embodiment of endless, infectious confidence.
Awakened Visionary (Psionic Power, pg. 23) – Become a master of moving around in battle.
Catalyst (Psionic Power, pg. 24) – Aid your companions in pushing past their own limits.
Incandescent Champion (Psionic Power, pg. 25) – Your soul is a source of limitless power.
Phrenic Invader (Psionic Power, pg. 26) – Read your opponent’s mind.
Psionic Binder (Player’s Handbook 3, pg. 39) – Psionically bind your foes while others move in for the kill.
Siphon (Psionic Power, pg. 27) – Feed on your opponent’s emotions.
Steelsky Liberator (Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide, pg. 65) – Fight to liberate the downtrodden, particularly when it’s dragons doing the oppression.
Stygian Adept (Player’s Handbook 3, pg. 40) – Use your opponent’s own fears and insecurities against them.
Talaric Strategist (Player’s Handbook 3, pg. 41) – Read your enemies’ intent to lead the battlefield.

Paul – Alanon

Angelic Avenger (Player’s Handbook, pg. 72) – Take on aspects of an angel.
Anointed Champion (Divine Power, pg. 44) – Improve your equipment with temporary enchantments.
Astral Savant (Divine Power, pg. 45) – Able to call on power from the astral sea, home of the deities.
Battle Chaplain (Divine Power, pg. 46) – Unite and uplift your fellows, regardless of who they worship.
Compassionate Healer (Divine Power, pg. 47) – Significantly boost your healing ability.
Divine Oracle (Player’s Handbook, pg. 73) – Get hints about the future from your god.
Heartwarder (Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide pg. 56) – Sune’s champions in the world.
Holy Emissary (Divine Power, pg. 48) – Lead your companions as someone who unmistakably speaks for the gods.
Messenger of Peace (Divine Power, pg. 49) – Try to bring peace to the world; does not mean never resorting to violence, however.
Miracle Worker (Divine Power, pg. 50) – Heal your companions, pass the damage on to foes.
Moonstalker (Player’s Handbook 2, pg. 24) – Become more like a werewolf than you already are.
Radiant Servant (Player’s Handook, pg. 73) – You focus on your radiant powers.
Soul Guide (Manual of the Planes, pg. 147) – Be a custodian for the souls of the dead.
Truthseeker (Divine Power, pg. 53) – Determine when someone is being dishonest with you.
Warpriest (Player’s Handbook, pg. 74) – Improve your combat ability.

Rhett – Silk

Blade Bravo (Martial Power 2, pg. 73) – A rogue who loves fighting up close and personal.
Cat Burglar (Player’s Handbook, pg. 126) – Gain skill at sneaking into, and then sneaking out of places.
Chameleon (Eberron Player’s Guide, pg. 60) – Don’t just mimic appearances, but also abilities to a very limited extent.
Cloaked Sniper (Martial Power, pg. 88) – Become even more deadly with hand crossbows.
Daggermaster (Player’s Handbook, pg. 127) – Improve your skill at using a dagger.
Daring Acrobat (Martial Power, pg. 89) – Make the most of your acrobatics on the battlefield.
Daring Slinger (Martial Power 2, pg. 74) – Hit them with a rock.
Death Dealer (Martial Power, pg. 90) – Make your melee attacks more deadly.
Flying-Blade Adept (Martial Power, pg. 92) – Make your thrown weapon attacks more deadly.
Guildmaster Thief (Martial Power, pg. 93) – You know how to lead anything from a small group of thugs to a full thieves guild.
Jack of All Trades (Martial Power 2, pg. 75) – Gain a small degree of ability in just about everything.
Master Infiltrator (Player’s Handbook pg. 127) – Nobody can keep you out of a place you want to be.
Master of Poisons (Martial Power 2, pg. 77) – Poison your foes.
Master Spy (Martial Power, pg. 95) – Become skilled at both reconnaissance and infiltration.
Rakish Swashbuckler (Martial Power, pg. 96) – If you really want to become a pirate.
Shadow Assassin (Player’s Handbook, pg. 128) – Improve your sneak attack and your ability to kill.
Strong-Arm Enforcer (Martial Power, pg. 98) – Intimidate your opponents into giving you what you want.
Verdant Stalker (Martial Power 2, pg. 76) – Become an even sneakier bastard.
Whisperknife (Martial Power 2, pg. 79) – An assassin that specializes in daggers.

Spencer – Coal

Anarch of Shyr (Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide, pg. 47) – Focus on your elemental swordmage powers.
Coronal Guard (Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide, pg. 48) – I’ll be frank; according to the literal wording of the rules you qualify for this class, but it would be useless to you as it improves the aegis of shielding.
Elemental Tempest (Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide, pg. 53) – Manifest multiple genasi elements at the same time.
Ghost Blade (Arcane Power, pg. 65) – Be in two places at the same time.
Malec-Keth Janissary (Manual of the Planes, pg. 144) – Become more skilled at fighting elemental creatures.
Steelsky Liberator (Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide, pg. 65) – Fight to liberate the downtrodden, particularly when it’s dragons doing the oppression.
Sword of Assault (Arcane Power, pg. 68) – Abandon finesse to smash foes with sword and sorcery simultaneously.
Umbriri (Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide, pg. 67) – Be more sneaky and assassin-like.
Wandering Swordmage (Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide, pg. 68) – Improves your magical abilities, primarily when it comes to movement.
Ward Guardian (Arcane Power, pg. 69) – Focus more heavily on defense.
Whirlwind Genasi (Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide, pg. 70) – Improves your power over the wind.
Wildfire Genasi (Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide, pg. 71) – Enemies around you burn.

Paragon Paths

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