The Blood War

The Blood War is a conflict ancient beyond imagining, that has been fought since before there was a Hell; it is the conflict that Asmodeus and his followers were, in fact, originally created to fight. Most know it as the eternal battle between the lawful evil devils and the chaotic evil demons; however, it is in fact the result of the fundamental conflict between order and chaos in the universe. It represents a temporary narrowing of scope for this war; while there are exceptions on both sides, the deities are the universe’s primary forces of order, while the primordials are the universe’s primary forces of chaos and change. The deities in ages past gained victory over the primordials, allowing the planes to take on a degree of permanence, but the battle rages on between the former servants of the deities and those primordials corrupted by the shard of ineffable evil that formed the abyss.

Aside from the corruption of mortal souls in order to feed and grow the powers of Hell, the blood war is Hell’s primary occupation. Those devils who work in the corruption of souls consider themselves the superior devils because, without their work, the soldiers of the blood war would shrivel up and die. Meanwhile, the devils who fight the blood war consider themselves superior because without them, demons would quickly sweep through hell and destroy them even more quickly than they could run out of power.

The blood war has been at a stalemate for ages. On one hand, you have the devils, who are easily among the most disciplined soldiers and best strategists in the multiverse, versus the demons who are almost absurdly poor strategists. On the other hand; the demons have overwhelming numbers on their side – discipline and strategy can only count for so much when, on a good day, you’re outnumbered 20 to 1.

While most people tend to think of the blood war as a problem that only affects hell and the abyss, Asmodeus comprehends it’s true import in a way that even the other deities refuse to acknowledge; that the blood war is not simply a scrap about different varieties of evil. Without the devils’ service in this conflict, the demons would quickly overwhelm every other plane and decisively win the cosmic battle on the side of chaos. After destroying the rest of existence, they would devour each other, and that would be the end of all things.

Some prophets say that this battle will soon intensify, producing a victory for one side over the other. Asmodeus, who apparently appears to believe this prediction, is already planning for the aftermath of this apocalyptic clash. He aims to win the Blood War and then proceed to take his revenge on his former masters for daring to look down on the foot soldiers who did all the dirty work in their battle, thereby establishing himself as the universe’s unquestioned sovereign.

The Blood War

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