Utreus’ faithful butler, Torgo resembles a satyr whose knees are on backwards. And who wears loafers. And that doesn’t bathe. His gait is more of a stumble than a walk, and most of the time he suffers from a very marked stutter that borders on a goat bleat.

Torgo doesn’t have a particularly strong personality of his own, for the most part just taking orders and performing his duties as a lackey. His independent streak is limited to when he is trying to get laid, which is any time a pretty woman (or any guy he deems sufficiently feminine) is in the vicinity. His ‘standards’, so to speak, in that area are far too high for him to ever manage it, however. The one time he came within a light-year of succeeding (and then, only because she was unconscious) he could be heard saying, “The Master doesn’t want you anymore, and now even I don’t want you!”



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