Utreus is a member of the enigmatic race of witchaloks, which manage to combine all the strengths of both witches and warlocks, while having none of their weaknesses.

Wait, I mixed that up. I meant to say none of the strengths and all of the weaknesses.

Banished over one million years ago, Witchaloks are the true denizens of the Shadowdark (which is an entirely different place than the Shadowdark, the Shadowfell plane’s underdark). In this terrible span of time, the unknowable energies twisted by these fearsome sorcelators shaped them into an entirely new race called witchaloks, with a small “w”, which is a little confusing. This confusion is likely the reason that only witchaloks may become Witchaloks.

Utreus is hell-bent on acquiring Witchalok Blades and to use them to focus his brutal, otherworldly will, in the same manner a wizard would use a wand or a cleric would use a holy symbol. Thrumming with malevolent purpose, these blades allow full access to the infinite folds of the Witchweave. Unfortunately, the secrets of their creation have been lost to time. Only one pair of Witchalok Blades exists, and all Witchaloks must share them.

His powers are a heady blend of living bones, reincarnated owls, malign scents, and other things. When he enters the ring, his foes often have no idea what’s going to happen next, let alone what is happening at this moment – and that’s just how he likes it, because neither does he.

Thus far, Utreus has demonstrated the following sorcelations, which are cast mostly by leering a lot and making grim oaths.

At-Will Sorcelations
Death LaserAs lasers go, this one is pretty good.
At-Will – Arcane – Implement
Standard Action – Ranged 10
Target: One Creature
Attack: Charisma vs. Reflex
Hit: Target is pushed 2 squares and dies until the end of your next turn.
Level 21: Aftereffect: The target dies twice.

Turn Into a DinosaurWith a yowl of ineffable primality, you transform into a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
At-Will – Arcane, Polymorph
Minor Action
Effect: You shed your already awesome body for one that is even more awesome – that of a huge dinosaur. While in this form, you cannot utilize any Witchalok powers or abilities. You cannot deal damage, even by accident. You can resume your original form as a free action.

Which Witchalok?In a flash, your self-satisfied smirk becomes three.
At-Will – Arcane, Implement
Minor Action
Effect: Create two duplicates of yourself, and place them in adjacent squares. Each duplicate is a real person with his or her own hopes and dreams. These duplicates die at the start of your next turn.

Encounter Sorcelations
Big SkullThis skull is really big, and flies all around.
Encounter – Arcane, Skull
Standard Action – Area burst 20
Target: One creature in burst
Attack: Charisma vs. Will
Hit: Targets scream and wave their arms wildly. On a critical hit, targets are inconvenienced.

Daily Sorcelations
Make WolfoidsPeople are okay with the Wolf part. It’s that “Oid” bit at the end that makes them nervous.
Daily – Arcane, Implement
Standard Action – Close burst 3
Effect: You create a wolfoid, and place it in the area of effect. Targets who begin their turn adjacent to a wolfoid are creeped out.


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